George Adamski





* Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East (1936), Royal Order of Tibet 
* Pioneers of Space: a Trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus (1949) Leonard-Freefield

Flying Saucers
* Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953), British Book Centre
* Inside the Space Ships (1955), Abelard-Schuman 
* Cosmic Philosophy (1961)
* Flying Saucers Farewell (1961), Abelard-Schuman 
* Flying Saucers Have Landed

* "Petals of life: poems" (1937)
* "Many mansions" (1955)
* "Telenews" (1960-03-28)
* "Telepathy: the Cosmic or Universal Language" (1958)
* "Science of Life Study Course" (1964)



 Wisdom of the Masters 
of the Far East 
- Questions and Answers
by The Royal Order Of
Tibet (1936) 


Pioneers of Space
- A Trip to the Moon,
Mars and Venus (1949)


 Flying Saucers 
Have Landed (1953)
Inside the Space Ships (1955)
 Many Mansions (1955)Cosmic Science 
- Questions and
Answers (1957)
 Telepathy - The Cosmic
or Universal Language (1958) 
Cosmic Philosophy (1961)
 Flying Saucers Farewell (1961)Science of Life Study Course (1964)


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