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  Category: Tallapragada Subba Row (1856-1890) India Theosophist English Books  

  Tallapragada Subba Row (1856-1890) India Theosophist English Books 
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Tallapragada Subba Row (1856-1890) was a Theosophist from a Hindu background and originally worked as a Vakil (Pleader) within the Indian justice system. His primary instructors in this field were Messrs. Grant and Laing, who saw to his establishment as a Vakil, a profession which became highly profitable for the time that he held it.

However, Subba Row's interest in the law paled when compared to the way he devoured philosophy, especially after an event in which he met two particular individuals. In 1882, he invited Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott to Madras (now Chennai), where he convinced them to make Adyar the permanent headquarters for the Theosophical Society. Prior to this meeting however, Subba Row was not known for any esoteric or mystical knowledge, even by his closest friends and parents. It was only after meeting the pair that he began to expound on metaphysics, astounding most of those who knew him. (Wikipedia)

   A Collection Of Esoteric Writings Of T. Subba Row F.T.S.,B.A., B.L. (1910)

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   The Philosophy Of The Bhagavad Gita T. Subba Row (1886)

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   Discourses On The Bhagavat Gita Mr. T. Subba Row B.A., B.L., F.T.S. (1888)

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