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  A.L.Cleather (1846-1938) English Theosophist 
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Miss Cleather was admitted as a member of the London Lodge on November 11, 1885.[1] She was a pupil of H. P. Blavatsky beginning in 1887. She was a member of her Esoteric Section and later was one of the twelve regular members of the Inner Group. Following HPB's death, she became disillusioned with the new leadership of the Theosophical Society, and pulled away from the movement. She is best known for her writings and as the founder of the H. P. B. Library in 1917, and as co-founder with William Kingsland of the Blavatsky Association (1923-1947).

Differences with Annie Besant
It is generally known that Alice Cleather was against Annie Besant, since she considered the latter had departed from H. P. Blavatsky's teachings.

Differences with Katherine Tingley
It is less known is that she regarded William Quan Judge as having been under the hypnotic and psychic influence of Katherine Tingley. Her ideas on this subject have been compiled in an article published by the Blavatsky Archives. (Theosophy Wiki)

   H.P. Blavatsky Her Life And Work For Humanity A.L. Cleather (1922)

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   H.P. Blavatsky As I Knew Her A.L. Cleather (1923)

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   H.P. Blavatsky A Great Betrayal A.L. Cleather (1922)

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