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At The Feet Of The Master (1911) Alcyone (Krishnamurti)   Featured.jpg

 At The Feet Of The Master (1911) Alcyone (Krishnamurti)  


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At the Feet of the Master is a book attributed to Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895–1986), authored when he was fourteen years old. Written under the name Alcyone, it was first published in 1910. The work was closely related to the so-called World Teacher Project, a contemporary messianic endeavor launched by the Theosophical Society. The book is considered a spiritual classic and was still in print as of 2012. By that time it had been published in dozens of editions and had been translated in many languages; by 2004 early editions were in the public domain. (Wikipedia)

At The Feet Of The Master (1911) Alcyone (Krishnamurti)

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