C Jinarajadasa Bibliography 

* In His Name
* The ritual of the Mystic Star
* Release
* The meeting of the east and the west
* The message of the future
* The ideas of theosophy
* The divine vision
* The heritage of our fathers
* The seven veils of consciousness
* The law of Christ
* Theosophy and reconstruction
* Theosophy and modern thought
* The nature of mysticism
* Christ the Logos
* The Lord's work
* The faith that is the life
* The reign of law
* Letters of the Masters of Wisdom
* First Principles of Theosophy
* Clairvoyant Investigations
* Occult Investigations
* How we remember our past lives
* The Religion and Philanthropy of Freemasonry
* Women in Freemasonry






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